I recently met with a client to check out the space where I would be shooting. We discussed the timeline and location options. I walked around the building with my iPad and took some sample shots to show the client the background options. We discussed our options and made sure to ask the building if we could use the open space.

I always recommend checking out the location before your scheduled shoot. I understand not every photographer gets time to scout but this just makes things run smoother. You can come up with a plan A, B and C.  We decided to use the large unused space to get a traditional headshot and then move to an environmental shot with natural light.

The light on day was bright with no clouds. I had to make sure none of the light was spilling on my subject or background. I found a shaded spot in the back and lowered some blinds to keep the sun away.

For the natural light shot I made sure my subjects were in the shadow of the pole and metered to make sure their faces were exposed properly. I didn't mind if some of the background was blown out. We liked how the window frame lines worked into the frame. 

It took me about 30 minutes to set everything up and mark my spots on the floor with tape. I did several test shots before our first scheduled person was to arrive. I had the client approve how everything looked and we were read to roll. I wrote down my settings to keep everything consistent. 

Untitled photo

Traditional head shot

Large softbox with grid camera left. Large white disc for fill camera right. AB800 1/16 power. F5.6 @1/125.Background light on backdrop AB800 1/32 power.

Environmental headshot

Natural light F3.5 @ 1/200

I love this space and wish it was my studio!  I hope this post was helpful.

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