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During a recent family session I was asked if I could capture a photo of the couple without kids. Sure, only one problem. The baby is 7months old and we didn’t bring the baby stroller from home! I forgot to remind them before we left. Quick thinking… I said, “I’ll just hold the baby and shoot.” As a stay at home dad I’m accustomed to multitasking so this wasn’t a problem. The baby was grabbing my lens which was pretty funny. The client got a kick out of it and snapped this shot.

This got me thinking I should put together a list of things that you can bring along on your session just in case. Please feel free to leave comments below, let us know what you bring on your sessions.


This can be a favorite toy from home or a cool gadget that you have. I carry along some old cameras that I let the kids play with. This helps break the ice and I get to talk to them about photography.

Hair Stuff:

Always a good idea to bring a small comb and hair clips.


This is great if you are walking around town. You can even toss your gear in it if need be. That blanket may come in handy if the ground is wet or it’s getting cold out.

Baby wipes/Tissue:

You would be surprised how many kids just got done eating before you arrive. You don’t want to spend extra time in post removing the milk mustache on 30 photos! It’s important to pay close attention to the smallest details. 


Snacks/treats for bribing that won’t stain that new shirt. I ask the parents to bring along one of these…gram crackers, Pez or goldfish. Clear juice box’s are also good on a hot day. Sometimes the kids just need a break. You can usually tell when everybody is ready for a pit stop. Breaks are good during your session and it also gives you time to connect with your subjects.

I hope this was helpful and good luck on your next shoot. 

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