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Corporate head shots

I was hired to photograph 7 employees at a downtown Chicago law firm. I was asked to capture a traditional head shot then an interaction shot. I asked that they secure a conference room so I could easily set up my backdrop. I quickly decided when I arrived that I would set up three spots in the room. One for head shots, head shot with buildings and a spot at the conference table. 

The traditional head shot.

Key light was AB800 in large soft box with grid. Fill light white 36 inch reflector white side. Hair light AB800 with 10 degree grid. Lights on wireless channel 16.

After I felt like I got the shot, I moved the subject to the window. Key light for window is a SB910 on Manual @ 1/2 power with umbrella, powered by calumet's power block 900. Set on wireless channel 1. The large white wall camera right was my fill.

Prior to any people arriving I did my test shots with self timer/light meter and wrote down my settings on a note pad so I could quickly adjust my settings back and forth. Main headshot: F11@ 1/200. Window head shot F7.1 @1/125. I had a few minor hair light adjustments I made on the fly by turning up the power. Some subjects had dark hair and I needed a little more pop.

For the conference table shot I used the sb900 as main but noticed it was not enough, I turned the large softbox around and changed the wireless Chanel to 1. It gave me more fill light in my shot. 

I hope this post was helpful. Feel free to leave your comments or questions below. Thanks,


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Lighting Set up

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